Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Iloilo-Guimaras-Bacolod DIY Itinerary

Sharing my 4-day itinerary for an Iloilo-Guimaras-Bacolod DIY Tour. Will publish a more detailed post soon!

Day 1: Arrival in Iloilo + Guimaras Tour
Manila to Iloilo-Arrive 805am
Van from aiport to SM (P50)
SM City Jeep to Ong Bun Pension (P8)
Check in and bag drop (P750/night)
La Paz jeep from Ong Bun Pension to Ortiz Wharf (P10)
Boat from Ortiz Wharf to Guimaras Jordan Wharf (P15)
Register at Tourism office (Free)
Start Guimaras Tricycle Tour (P1,200)
Boat from Guimaras Jordan Wharf to Ortiz Wharf (P15)
Canlubang Jeep to Ongbun Pension (P10)
Dinner at La Paz Market, La Paz Jeep (P10) Netong's batchoy plus puto (P105)
Jeep to Ong Bun Pension (P10)

Day 2: Iloilo DIY Tour
From Ong Bun Pension, walk to market at the back of Robinsons and ride a San Joaquin Jeep to Garin Farm (P70, approx 1 hour)
Jeep from highway to Garin Farm (P50)
Entrance at Garin (P150)
Golf cart to pavillion (P90)
Trike from Garin to San Joaquin Church (P50)
Trike from San Joaquin Church to San Joaquin Cemetery (P50)
Jeep to Miagao Church (P15)
Jeep to Guimbal Church (P18)
Jeep to Tigbaan Church (P10)
Jeep to Plaza Molo (P30)
Jeep to Jaro Church
Jeep to Ong bun
Check out at Ong Bun Pension
Lapuz PPA Jeep to Port (P10)
Super cat  to Bacolod (P310)
Terminal fee 30
Trike to Ong Bun Pension (P70)
Walk to Manokan Country for Dinner

Day 3: Campuestohan+Silay+Ruins
Fortune Town Jeep to Imart Circumferential (P8)
Van Campuestohan (P60,  40 mins )
 Entrance 150
 Van to Imart ( P60)
Pepsi Bata Jeep to Ceres Bus Terminal (P13)
Ceres Bus to Silay (P21)
 Trike to balay Negrense (P7)
 Entrance at Balay Negrense (P60)
Trike to Hofilena (P10)
 Trike to El Ideal (P10)
 Silay Jeep to Ceres terminal (P15)
Trike to Ruins (P150 solo)
Entrance at Ruins (P100)
Trike to Ceres terminal (P50-shared)
Bata Libertad Jeep to Bacolod Provincial Capitol (P10)
Bata libertad Jeep to Bacolod Plaza (P8)
Walk to Aida's at Manokan Country for Dinner
Jeep to Calea for dessert
Jeep to Ong Bun Pension (P10)

Day 4: Mambucal + Depart Bacolod
Tacoling Jeep to Libertad Market (P10)
Minibus to Mambucal (P35, 1-2 hours)
Entrance (P50)
Guide fee to Seven Falls (P320-more of tip, amount up to you)
Habal from 7th falls to Mambukal (P150)
Payment at Dipping pool (P50)
Bus from Mambukal to Libertad market (P35)
Mansilingan Jeep to Ong Bun (P10)
Check out at Ong bun Pension (P580/night)
Van from Ong Bun to SM Bacolod (free pick up)
Van from SM Bacolod to Airport (P150)
Arrive Manila

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