Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tipid Travel Tip: Where to Have Fun this Rainy Season


That's right, Star City, the country's best theme park (well to me it is!) is such a great place to visit for young and not so young kids! There are rides that can be had by anyone of all ages, and of course, there is the food! Between me, my senior-citizen mom, adult and teenage kid, we were able to experience most of the rides in the park.  There were also enough rest areas when you are tired from the rides and would just love to sit down, eat and people-watch.  There are both indoor and outdoor attractions so you get to choose where to have fun!

Admission is less than a hundred, but a ride all you can ticket is around P490.00 but you can always check Metrodeal for some discounts. Park hours is from 2:00-10:30 pm on weekends and 4:00-1030 on weekdays.

I have lost count of the number of times we have been to Star City and my kids still love it.  It's just by Pasay City and reachable by public or private transport!