Tuesday, March 27, 2018


For the Lenten break this year, I will be part of the crowd who will not be leaving the Metro for an out of town or out of the country trip.  But this is more because of that fiscal responsibility or #adulting stuff that I talked about in another post. But being #TeamBahay should not stop you from doing something productive during the long break.  Aside from church obligations, here are just some ideas to keep you busy this vacation time:

  • Declutter! Now is the time to organize those closets and declutter.  Sort the clothes you don't use into piles of" for donation, for garage sale or for throwaway.  You will free up lots of closet space, and will fulfill an obligation to share this Lent.  Just bring it to your nearest church or your favorite foundation. You can also use this time to re-arrange furniture in the house, make everyone clean their rooms and throw away(sort!) clutter, especially for students. Remember to recycle though and sell papers and papers for money!
  • Volunteer! There are churches in your place that could use some help this Lent, especially with the many people visiting churches.  Your help can range from directing the flow of foot traffic, or manning a lost and found counter, or accepting donations. Make it a family thing and its easily a meaningful bonding time!
  • Entertain! Have friends over and have a little get together. Just remember to make it low-key in observance of Lent. You may ask everyone to bring food or just do a little cooking.  Remember that stores will be closed so remember to stock up a little.
  • Garden! Now is the time to beautify that front lawn or trim and organize plants in your garden.  
  • Relax! This is my favorite. Imagine just sleeping at home, or watching your favorite show or reading a new book, then just eating whenever you please. That is of course after you have fulfilled your church obligations. 
Make sure to make your Lent vacation meaningful, but also take the time to relax and recharge!

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