Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hello from #TaiOne!

At Hey Bear Capsule
Its day one of my #TaiOne adventure and I can't wait and get out and explore.  But before that, I am currently checking in at Hey Bear Capsule Hotel and I am loving it already.  We arrived a little before 8, went to the front desk and checked in.  We were told rooms are available at 3pm, but we can leave our bags now.  We changed our clothes at their restroom, and are currently at the lounge area waiting for our friends. They have free wifi, free water (hot and cold) and refreshments for sale.  They have a laundry area (NTD50/30 mins) and a ref where you can leave your food.  I haven't seen the capsules yet, but will be sure to blog it in a few days. There are 2 computers (where I am blogging right now) and lots of tables and power sockets for charging.  They also have a UFO catcher game and 2 arcades.

Also, we were informed that check out time is 11am, but we can leave our bags at the lobby.  Since our flight was at midnight of our last day, we can still take a shower and use the facilities for an hour for only NTD 100! Not bad, right.  It saved us a lot since we were planning on extending one room for one night.

So, we will start our #TaiOne adventure and will be blogging about it soon!

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