Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to get a Taiwan Travel Authorization Certificate

So we are going to Taiwan next week, thanks as usual to Cebu Pacific's seat sale.  There are five of us in the group, and 2 of us can go via the visa-free entry to Taiwan or via the Travel Authorization Certificate (TAC).  
The other 3 applied for e-visa with a fee of N T1,632. Now, getting a TAC is very easy and took no more than 5 minutes.  I have an expired Japan Visa so i qualified under the TAC.  So here's how:

  1. Valid passport (at least six-months validity)
  2. Round trip- ticket
  3. Have never been employed as a blue-collar worker in Taiwan
  4. Must have any one of these documents issued by Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Schengen, US or UK:
      • valid resident or permanent resident card
      • valid entry visa
      • resident card or visa that has expired less than 10 years prior to arrival in Taiwan
How to apply:
Just go to this website and follow the instructions: Travel Authorization Certificate 

And you are done! Just print the TAC and remember to check the details.  And don't forget to bring the copy of the visa or documents that you enter during your application of the TAC. Mine is on my expired passport so I am bringing two passports with me.

I will be posting our itinerary soon!

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