Thursday, December 22, 2016

Where Have You Been?

2016 is almost over, but I haven't blogged about what happened the rest of the year. Just a quick peek, here are three places I went the rest of the year.

North Luzon for All Souls Day.  My late mom-in-law hailed from north, and we squeezed in some (lots!) of sight seeing in time for a visit to her final resting place,

Mt. Sipit Ulang and Payaran Falls for my last hike of the year!
And a quick business trip to Singapore to cap the investor relations day job for the year.

I wish I had more time (and inclination) to write about these trips but I am just so lazy to write right now.  But I am so looking forward to writing about our upcoming Hong Kong-Macau adventure in January, so please stay tuned!

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