Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tipid Travel Tip: How to DIY in Boracay!

I have been to Boracay for 5 times already, either with my husband, with my friends, with my whole family or an company-sponsored team building.  So you can say I have experienced both types of stay in Boracay-on a budget, on a small budget and on an all expense-paid, hahaha. Either way, there are lots of ways to save an enjoy on a DIY Boracay trip so I will show you how.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Finally, Mt. Daraitan!

I have always wanted to climb Mt. Daraitan but unfortunately, all my climb buddies have recently taken a sabbatical from climbing.  And since its boring to climb alone, and somewhat unsafe (even with a guide, because, hello, who will take your stupid photos? Baka sa sobrang inis ng guide sa kakapa-picture mo e itulak ka na sa bangin?!)  But anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when a group of people from the office asked me to join them.

So anyway, it was a 3-4 hours climb (with first-timers in a group of 11) one way and since it was May, and raining, maputik at madulas. But nothing you can't handle as long as you are wearing the right shoes! 

The mountain is 739+ MASL and you can go to the cave and wash up at the Tinipak river as a side trip.  I will post the how-to's and expenses in the next post!