Monday, June 13, 2016

Mid Year 2016 Review

I can't believe its June already! And I only have 15 posts to this blog, and most of it, for my Travel Quotes Friday. Anyway, just to give you an idea where I have been this year: in January, we bought a van (finally, our own brand new car!) and we also we went back to Mt. Talamitan and also did the Mt. Apayang Traverse, February, we went to the National Museum which was my first Tipid Travel Tip, and in March, I was back in Singapore for a work-related travel and then we also went to Regina Rica in Tanay.
No travel for April, but I finished my MBA in May, and also went to Boracay with my whole family (my sister and her family, my mom and my youngest sister!) where we also celebrated my daughter's 12th birthday.  

So, it has been half a year already and while its not as jampacked as last year, I stil have six months to try and squeeze in some more trips.  But travels might really be fewer this year as I try to save for the first international travel for my family.  I already have the one-way ticket for me and my husband, and the family passport appointments in the next few months. So good luck to me, and I really wish I can pull this off!   

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