Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mt. Talamitam-Mt. Apayang Traverse

Last January 30, we went to Batangas to do a Mt. Talamitam-Mt. Apayang traverse, and a side-trip to Layong Bilog.  I have been to Mt. Talamitam before but I have not done the traverse to Mt. Apayang. The guide said that this is a new trail.  While we did the traverse to Mt. Apayang's summit, we went back the way we came so that we can go straight to Layong Bilog. Mt. Batulao was closed due to an incident with local insurgents (according to our guide) so there were more people in Mt. Talamitam than usual.

How to get here/expenses:
1. Meet at Pasay van terminal (beside Kabayan Hotel) and ride a van to Bayabasan, Brgy Aga, Nasugbu. (P180) It's on the right and a little after the school.
2. Register for P40 each. It used to be only P20 in 2013. And you also need to pay another P20 at the summit of Mt. Apayang. They said that 3 barangays are sharing in the registration fees.
3. Guide fee for our group of 4 was P800, because of the Mt. Apayang traverse. In 2013, we paid only P300 for a group of 5.
4. Buko juice in Talamitam summit is P40, and P50 in Apayang Summit.
5. Shower at the registration site is P20.
6. Bus going to Cubao is P150.
We spent a total of P610 each, excluding food expenses.

This is the registration area where you pay P40 each.  They also assign a guide to you.  The fee is between you and the guide.  Mang Eddie said P800 and we were fine with it (as it was the same price we read from other blogs for a traverse) and because we support giving employment to locals. And because he is 63 years old and still kicked our asses, hahahah!
The hike was relatively easy. We started at 730 and we were at the summit of Mt. Talamitam by 9-ish.  We took our time because the view was really beautiful.  It was not hot and the wind was strong and cool. 
The view was perfect!
And the view at the summit was priceless! After picture taking and enjoying the view, we hiked for a little than an hour to reach the summit of Mt. Apayang.
We also had a side trip to Layong Bilog to just cool off.
While I have already been to to Mt. Talamitam, I really enjoyed this climb, first because my husband was with me, and because I was with friends.  Aside from the beauty of nature you will see along the way, you also see the beauty of friendships you have developed in your life!

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