Monday, December 28, 2015

Travels 2015: A Year In Pictures

2015 was indeed a great year for travel.  I was able to visit new places and I have crossed off several items from my bucket list.  The highlights of the year were my Japan trip (for work), our epic Singapore-Malaysia trip and the Batad-Sagada-Baguio adventure.  So here was my 2015 travels, in pictures.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SG/MY Tour: Cable Car Ride to Genting Highlands

After our short detour to the Strawberry Farm, we went back to Genting Skyway for the cable car ride up to the highlands. I think you can also drive up, but this is a much better way to travel. This was my first ever cable car ride, and not being a fan of extreme rides, I was very anxious at first.  I can't remember how long the ride took but after a while, we get to enjoy ourselves. We were like kids on our first cable car ride and were taking too much pictures, hahaha. If you ask me, this was one of the highlights of our trip!

Next stop: Genting Highlands

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

SG/MY Tour: Genting Highlands Strawberry Park

When we arrived at Genting Skyway, we opted to go to Strawberry Park for a quick visit. Not that we have never been to a strawberry plantation before, but I was curious as to how they do it there.  The weather in Genting Highlands was cold, reminding me of Baguio.  There was a minimal entrance fee, and then we were inside.  You also have the option to pick the berries but we opted to just go around and take pictures.

Aside from the Strawberry Farm, there was also a Lavender Farm inside.  There were lots of flowers and the smell was amazing (according to my husband).

There was also a bee farm inside, as well as a mushroom farm.  It was a very educational tour indeed!
We opted not to buy anything from the many souvenir shops inside as we still had to go up to Genting Highlands.

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