Friday, September 18, 2015


Are you a Cebu Pacific frequent flyer? Then you must get a GETGO rewards card.  The points can be used to purchase tickets, and they are having a GETGO seat sale now. I am a member, and since I went to Japan, Cebu, Singapore, Malaysia and again in Singapore this year alone, I have almost 3,000 points! I checked and here are just screen shots of some of the trips that I could have availed using my points:
1. Manila-Bacolod-Manila for 2 pax for 2,480 points and P1,197.84
2. Manila-HongKong-Manila for 2,640 points and P3,638.70 ONLY!!!!

Yes, I know! It's so cheap! Can you imagine those Hong Kong tickets are almost P1,500 each round trip??? Unfortunately, I cannot travel next year because I have a family trip to Boracay in May and I promised myself, together with my friend Ehms, that we will not airline tickets next year!

But just to give you an idea, your Get Go points can go a long way someday so better join Get Go now!

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