Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mt. Daguldol Itinerary and Expenses

Last Sunday, we went to Laiya in San Juan Batangas to climb Mt, Daguldol. It was a few weeks after Mt. Malipunyo, and we were already itching for another mountain. Mt. Daguldol fits the bill nicely because there is a mountain, there is a falls, and there is a beach. And because we were also craving for Batangas Lomi and bulalo.

So anyway, here are the itinerary and expenses for our Mt. Daguldol trip:

200am- Meet at HM Bus station in Cubao with private vehicle.
230am- Meet with other friends at All Day convenience store in Alabang
600am- Arrive at Bgry Hugom in San Juan, Laiya Batangas
610am-Register and pay P35 each
620am-Eat breakfast of Lomi near registration (P15)
630am-Ride tricycle to jump-off (P50/pax) and secure a guide (P450/group-Kuya Omeng )
730am-Start trek
1130am-Arrive at Summit. We had 4 rest stops.
130pm-Start descent.
330pm-Arrive at jump-off and shower at Mang Omeng's cottage after cooling off at the beach. We paid an additional P50 each as tip and shower fee and for the free access to the beach.
530pm-Leave for Manila
1000pm-Arrive in Cubao

We paid P400 each for the rented van, excluding toll. We paid an additional P83 each for the toll.  We were not sure about the schedules of the trip for the jeepney and bus so we opted to hire van. I highly suggest this option if you will only do a day hike.  

For the instructions on how to go to Mt. Daguldol, just follow the map and instructions at La Luz beach resort which you can find here.  The registration site is just a few steps opposite the entrance to La Luz. 

If taking public transportation, take a bus going to Lipa, then from Lipa ride a jeep going to San Juan then another jeep to Hugom then a tricycle to the jump-off. Again, I am not sure about the schedules of public transportation so better check first.

I will write about our hike in the next post.

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