Thursday, July 16, 2015

SG/MY Tour: Singapore's Food

Other than site-seeing, we immensely enjoyed our tour in Singapore because of the delicious and yet cheap food that we got to experience.  So here are our dining experiences in Singapore, in the order that we had them:
1. Late lunch in Mustafa Center. Indian food, served by a Pinoy Cook. The food was hot, and spicy even for me.  And that order of rice that was said to be good for one was wayyyyy too much!  It fueled us in our longs walks during our city tour. Cost was arounf SG$15.
2. Dinner at one of the hawker centers near MBS after our Singapore City tour. It was hard to order because of the language barrier so we just had to point at what we wanted to order.  We ended up ordering these items as all the others were sold out. It was good.Costs around SG$5 per order.

3. Breakfast at the Fernloft Hostel.  Consist of toasted bread with some butter, a slice of fruit and coffee.  Great Taste White coffee was mine. 
4. Lunch at McDonald's. We wanted some fried chicken and rice but no luck, just burger. Maybe around SG$12.
5. Dinner at Bugis Hawker Center. Chicken rice, finally! Costs around SG$3-5 per order.
6. Lunch at Maxwell Food Center, one of the best hawker centers in Singapore. Around SG$5 per order. 
7. Dinner at a hawker center in Orchard Road. A treat from one of our friends now working in Singapore.  The best! Cost-free!

See, we enjoyed all of our meals in Singapore. The Chicken rice and all the noodles that I've tried are the best.  Maybe its because of too much walking, or maybe because we were really looking forward to eating.  But whatever the reason is, the food was really one of our best experiences in Singapore!

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