Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Updated Bucket List

crossing off some items from my bucket list!

I wrote this bucket list on my other blog, and am just updating it here, as well as writing some more. This is an ongoing project and updated as of June 2015. So here goes..

1. Visit my relatives in Catarman, Samar.
2. Travel outside of the country.-DONE. Been to Cambodia and Vietnam twice, Singapore and Malaysia and Tokyo, Japan. Hope to add more to this list!
3. Travel to Sagada. DONE. Just this weekend (June 19!) and with visit to Batad as well.
4. Buy my first DSLR.
5. Buy a car, second or third hand even! DONE. We are on our 5th vehicle. Maybe I should update this bucket list to a NEW car.

6. Receive a paycheck without any loan deduction.
7. Conquer another mountain after Taal Volcano. DONE. Have climbed 11 mountains already, and hopefully. more!
8. Go whitewater rafting in CDO. DONE!
9. See the Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin. DONE!
10. Ride a roller coaster. DONE at Star City last November 2013!
11. Learn how to swim
12. Learn how to drive.DONE, but only on automatic car. 
13. Publish a book, or a collection of my blog posts.
14. Get married in church, or by the beach or in a garden.
15. Get a tattoo. Permanent. DONE and have since got 2 more, and is probably getting some more this year.
16. Go to Hong Kong Disneyland.
17. Buy a set of jewelries. DONE, but still want to buy some more.
18. Build the second floor of our house.
19. Pay-off the housing loan.
20. Lose 10 lbs before my birthday.
21. Visit Angkor Wat.
22. See the Banaue Rice Terraces.DONE!
23. Learn how to dance. Well, sort of. Am doing Zumba but still cant dance to save my life :p
24. Try helmet diving.
25. Experience bungee jumping. Or maybe not, ha ha.
26. Try para-sailing.
27. Have braces for my overbite.
28. Learn how to swear in 5 languages. But not use it.
29. Buy a second pair of killer heels!
30. Wear a dress to work.
31. Ride an ATV.
32. Ride atop a jeepney. DONE, but only for picture. Hahaha, too afraid to do it for real! 
33. Go back to school. Doing! Currently on my second semester.
34. Try Yoga.
35. Dance Zumba!
36. Go on a trip alone.
37. Try belly dancing.
38. Buy a kindle. Bought one and lost one. Hmm, will buy again. I now have a Samsung Tablet and I have reading apps.
39. Gaze at a sunrise atop Mt. Pulag. DONE!
40. Get drunk on a beach.
41. Drive to work. Done! But with my husband beside me. Must qualify this to drive alone to work, hehe.
42. Speak in an assembly.
43. Win in an online contest. DONE. Not the first one, and hope not the last!
44. Get promoted at work. Done and hope to have another promotion soon!
45. Wear colored contact lens.
46. Buy one designer bag. Or gifted, in this case.
47. Go on a retreat.
48. Visit a province on a whim.
49. Go on a buffet treat with the whole family.
50. Run a half-marathon.

Hmm, will add more soon!

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