Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Staycation: Astoria Plaza Ortigas

le Familia at Astoria
To celebrate my daughter's 11th birthday, we decided to have a staycation at Astoria Plaza in Ortigas, Pasig.  It was a very memorable stay and let me show you how. First, the hotel room and amenities.

We had a one-bedroom suite and it was good for 4 people and 1 kid which was exactly our headcount.  This is the bed in the master's bedroom and there is a roll-away bed in the living room.  Note the aircon on the side of the bed? You cannot pull the curtains because it will cover the aircon.
master's bedroom
The placement of the roll-away bed in the living room was awkward because it was by the door and beside the dining table. But it was okay since we were not expecting any guests.  They were strict about guests and partying was not allowed.
roll-away bed
There was also a small TV, a desk, a safe, hangers, flashlight, iron, ironing board and telephone.
the room
The bath was nothing fancy. I asked for a tub and we got one. Unfortunately, the drain stopper wasn't working so we had to stuff a towel on the drain if we want to soak in the tub.  And the tub was too small even for me! But the water was strong so it was all good. There was enough supply of clean towels and toiletries. But there was no bidet and we had to use the long hand shower for that purpose.
the bath
The dining table was adequate for us.  It was away from the TV (which we cannot rotate towards us) so we were forced to have conversations away from the tube, hahaha. The utensils were only good for 4 so of us always had to use the teaspoon! 

dining area
The kitchen was fully equipped, but without a dish washer unlike in Oakwood. There was a ref with ice-making thingie, a 5-gallon water dispenser, a rice cooker, oven toaster, microwave oven, electric kettle, utensils good for 4, sponge and dish washing liquid.
full-equipped kitchen
The pool area was located at the 3rd floor and our room was at the 9th floor. The pool is open from 6am to 10pm and you must bring your towel with you so you can enter the pool. A lifeguard/manong was there to make sure that you shower, and that you wear proper swimming attire and that you dont leave the pool area dripping wet. We loved the pool and we were there everyday! 
the pool
There was also a gym at the 3rd floor.  It was small and the TV was not working but it was adequate for me and my son. I ran using the old treadmill and my son just did some reps.

All in all, the facilities in the room and the pool and gym were all adequate for our needs.  The facilities at the Oakwood Hotel were way better but we stayed at Astoria Plaza longer. It was really a very memorable stay for all of us and we hope to do this again next year.

I will blog about what we did in our stay in the next posts.

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