Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mt. Talamitam and Sidetrip to Layong Bilog

Last November 30, we went for a hike at Mt. Talamitam in Brgy Aga in Batangas. We now have a group, the Nasugbu Adventure Club, and together with some new-found friends, had a lot of fun climbing this 'easy' mountain.  

But let me tell you, the climb was not easy!The sun was nowhere to be seen and we were thankful because we were on open, rolling hills and farmland.  The wind was strong and there were occasional rain showers.  here was a long assault before the summit and the wind was blowing so hard we keep on losing our caps.
start of the trek
The happy group. This is what makes this hike special. We had fun taking pictures and the trek was an easy pace.

 And more photos!
The open trail. Remember to bring something to shield you from the sun.  Our trek was in December so it was cool and it rained a little so it was not hot at all.
surveying the land

time to rest
The mountain is behind me and it looks easy enough to climb. But there is an assault before you reach the summit.
 Here comes the assault.  It was windy and it rained a little.
the assault
I had to rest for a while, hugging one of the boulders.
can we rest for a while?
The view at the summit was priceless.  It rained a little and it was cold, but the view was really worth it.  We had coffee (the best tasting coffee ever!) to warm us before we head down.
 Gazing down at the reason why I climb mountains: it is so beautiful and amazing!

 You cant't help but smile at the beauty of nature. The air is fresh and the view is magnificent!

The view on the summit was priceless! After a long photo session and once we've had our coffee, we went down a lot faster than we went up, hahahaha.  We also had a sidetrip to Layong Bato (or Layong Bilog) where we had a dip on the cold river to rest our tired legs. 
ready to take a dip on the cool water of the river
The river was deep, maybe 15 feet or so and the water was so cold it immediately eased the soreness on my legs.  This was definitely one of the best climbs ever. While this is said to be an easy climb but again based on my personal experience, no climb is really easy.  The more mountains I climb, the more humbled I become when I reach the summit! And the more mountains I climb, the more mountains there are to climb. I so love it!

How to get here/reminders:
1. Ride a bus/van in Pasay bound to Nasugbu or Balayan and alight at  Sitio Bayabasan, Bgry. Aga in Nasugbu. The bus and van drivers knows this place well.
2. The registration is just near the highway. There is a registration fee of P20 and a guide fee of P300 for a group of 5 or so.
3. If doing the climb on a summer, remember to bring lots of water as this is an open trail.
4. Practice LNT.
5. Enjoy!

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