Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Liliw Resort, Laguna: Cool, Clean and Clear!

Le Familia at Liliw Resort
Last Labor Day weekend, our family, my husband's sister and brothers and their family, and staff at the water station (for a total of 30 pax) went on a road trip to Laguna.  The destination was Liliw Resort, a place that all of them except us, have been to before and have been raving about. So, we were all excited.  We left Sta Mesa Manila at 7am, and we were at the resort at 12nn. We passed thru Tanay and Antipolo to avoid the traffic in Laguna. We had a stopover in Tanay for a quick breakfast, a stop over at the windmills and the overlooking for some quick photo ops.  There was little traffic, except in Tanay and so our three vans reached our destination in 5 hours including the eat stops, gas stops and photo stops.

its the sign
I cannot tell you the exact way on how to get at the resort but it was easy to ask for directions.  We passed by Antipolo, Tanay and then we were in Laguna. We passed by the towns of Siniloan, Pakil, Paete, Lumban, Pagsanjan, Magdalena and then we were in Liliw.  There are sign boards and you can just ask any tricycle driver on the road directions on how to get to Liliw Resort. The above picture is the sign on the gate going to the parking area.
Liliw Resort sign
This is the entrance booth, and the sign board I guess.  We had prior reservations so we were immediately shown to our cottage.
entrance fee
The entrance fee is P50 per adult, and they give us discount for kids (we only paid for 26 adults in our group, and we paid only P40 each).
basic facilities
This is the Sampaguita Cottage where we stayed and it was only P5,000.  It has 5 rooms with fan, one bathroom, a ref and cooking stove (P450 charge, discounted at P400).  The cottage directly overlooks the river and the falls. The cottage was big enough for 30 people but you have to bring your own banig so you can comfortably sleep on the floor. Remember to bring extra blankets as it gets too cold in the morning!
different types of cottages
There are other types of accommodations for all groups of either day trippers or overnights like us. The river gets crowded at around 10am when day trippers come and then you have it all to yourself at around 4 pm once they have all left and only those staying for the night are there.  It gets too dark to swim at around 7pm so you have time to enjoy each others company. There are no TV, or air conditioned rooms or WIFI. They have a sari-sari store but I am not so sure how extensive their wares are.  But the palengke is just a tricycle ride away (P10 per pax fare).
Nature at its best
The water was cool, clean and clear, especially in the morning.  There is no hot shower in our bathroom by the way and I doubt if there is in other cottages.
rustic and homely resort
So, will I come back here? Definitely! But most likely not on the cold months as the water is really cold on summer so can you imagine how it would be during cool months? And it was nice that the kids were not glued on TV sets and gadgets and they had fun playing card games with their cousins.

How to Get Here:
On private vehicle via Antipolo, pass by the towns of Antipolo, Tanay and Laguna up to Magdalena then Liliw. Simply ask for directions on where is Liliw Resort.
Via public transport, ride a bus to San Pablo or Sta Cruz , take a jeep to Liliw and ride a tricycle to the resort.
How to Reserve at Liliw Resort
contact Ms Mayie at 0930 6285521

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