Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to Get to Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Batangas

Fortune Island  is located 15km south of the coast of Nasugbu. The 20-meter beach is best known for Greek inspired architecture, white sand and cliff-diving.  The water is very clean, but there are big waves and you must be very careful because you might drown, (hahaha, not really)  We went there last Sunday for a day trip and here is our itinerary:

3:00am - ETD from Manila
5:30am - ETA Nasugbu, Batangas
6:00am - Meetup at 7-11, breakfast at Mamihan
7:00am - Pay entrance fee P300/pax (from 7-11, there are lots of tricycle to bring you to the aplaya. just ask any tricycle. There are even guys asking if you want to hire a boat. Just ask for directions that you want to go to Fortune Island)
8:00am - ETD boat ride P3500/boat
9:00am - ETA to Fortune Island and setup tent, eat lunch
11:00am -Stroll, take pictures and take more pictures, eat merienda
1:30pm - ETD from Fortune Island
2:30pm -ETA drop off, take a shower at friend's house
4:00pm - ETD from Nasugbu

Below is a summary of our expenses:
-Van to Nasugbu and back- 400. We rented a private van. But you can take buses or van in Pasay, Rotonda going to Nasugbu. 
-Breakfast at mamihan-50
-Entrance fee- P300
-Boat ride-P3500/boat or P350/pax. This was a negotiated rate. Going rate is now 4000-5000/boat
Total: P1,165/pax

We bought our packed lunch and some snacks so it was not part of the expenses here so I guess you can maybe budget P1,500 for this trip if you are in a group of at least 10 people.

1. Bring protection from the sun! It's very hot! 
2. No cottages, only abandoned structures. We brought a tent to store our bags and found shade after a group left one of the dilapidated shades. We ate our lunch standing up on top of a discarded table.
3. We changed to swimming clothes inside our tent.
4. Did I say it was hot? Bring umbrella, caps and slap on lots of sunblock.
5. Waves get stronger in the late afternoon so be sure to leave early.
6. No fresh water source. 

I will be posting more pictures later!

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