Friday, May 29, 2015

Fortune Island: Budget, Itinerary and Activities

Fortune Island can be reached via the town of Nasugbu in Batangas. As mentioned on a previous post, here is how to get here:

Sample Itinerary:
3:00am - ETD from Manila (via private vehicle or public van in Pasay near Kabayan Hotel -fare P170-180)
5:30am - ETA Nasugbu, Batangas (7-11 or Jollibee)
6:00am - Go to Brgy Wawa via tricycle at P10/pax
7:00am - Pay entrance fee P300/pax
8:00am - ETD boat ride P3500/boat
9:00am - ETA to Fortune Island and setup tent, eat lunch
11:00am -Stroll, take pictures and take more pictures, eat merienda
1:30pm - ETD from Fortune Island
2:30pm -ETA drop off, take a shower at friend's house
4:00pm - ETD from Nasugbu

Brgy Wawa
This is Brgy Wawa. You just take a tricycle from 7-11 or Jollibee. Tell the driver you are looking for a boat to take you to Fortune Island. Prices are at 3500-5000, depending on the size of the boat. We were able to negotiate our boat for 10 pax at P3,500. It was already cheap, according to the people there because Fortune Island has now gained popularity.

Boat ride
The boat ride will take around 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the size of the boat and the engine, and the waves.  Ours took a little less than 2 hours so we were at the island at around 9am. 
glimpse of the island
We are headed towards that island you see up ahead.  So near, yet to so far! The water is so clear!
touch down
Touchdown at Fortune Island! The water is very clear, the sand is white with corals and it was so freaking hot! There was no protection from the sun, I tell you!

Since there are no cottages, nor trees available, our manong helped us set up our tent.  We changed into our swimming attires inside the tent, stowed out bag and left to go up to the Greek-inspired structures for photo ops.   
hot tent, literally!
It was hot inside the tent, so our manong waited for one group who was leaving already (nag-overnight sila) to leave the dilapidated hut so we can avail of the dilapidated table so we can eat our packed lunch.   
We had a grand time taking pictures despite the heat because the place is really beautiful. Too bad there were too many people up there with us.

the Greek-inspired pillars
Taken at the structures on top of the island. The view is amazing. I wish we could have stayed overnight to view the sunset and sunrise!

The lion watching over me! I couldn't get enough of this place.  I can stay here for a long time just gazing at the beautiful view. Unfortunately, the heat would have killed me!
underwater fun
After lunch, it was time to swim! We had fun with the Go pro and took lots of pictures.  The water is deep by the way, even very near the shore. The waves are also strong and can carry you very far to the sea. Since we were all not swimmers, we stayed very near the beach. 
the beach
We were all burned by the heat of the sun as it was already midday, It's really hot, did I say that already? I think a perfect Fortune Island getaway would be an overnight trip since you cannot leave very late in the afternoon because of the strong waves.
cliff diving
Another activity that can be enjoyed here, aside from trekking to the lighthouse (which we didn't do because it was hot) was cliff diving. The picture above was for the lower cliff, but for the more adventurous, a higher cliff is found at the other side of the island.

As for the expenses, there are only three major items: the P300 entrance fee, the P3500/boat ride that be divided by the group, and the fare going to Nasugbu. The rest of the expenses goes to food (we did packed lunch), snacks and drinks (from 7-11) and tip to the boat men.

Breakfast at mamihan-50
-Entrance fee- P300
-Boat ride-P3500/boat or P350/pax. This was a negotiated rate. Going rate is now 4000-5000/boat
Total: P1,165/pax


  1. Hello! :) I just wanna ask if you have contact numbers of some tour guides there that can accommodate us? Thank You. :)

    1. @ohmahgosh, do you mean a boatman? Sorry, I don't have a contact. But there are many boats available. When you get to Jollibee, tell the tricycle driver to bring you to Brgy Wawa for the registration. You can already find one and haggle there.

  2. Hey Dinah, can I have ur email address? I would like to ask few things about this island😊 Thank you

  3. Hey Dinah, can I have ur email address? I would like to ask few things about this island😊

  4. Hi Dinah,

    If you're only 2 persons going to Fortune Island, is it possible to share the boat with other people? Or would it mean we would have to divide the whole cost of the boat with 2 persons? Thanks!

    1. Depende if may mahanap kayong group na willing magsabay sa inyo. Otherwise, you pay for the whole boat. Sayang. Magyaya na lang kayo ng friends para mas masaya at mas makatipid!

  5. hello, may cr ba dun sa island? cleaned and maintained po ba?

  6. Is there someone there who can manage to squeeze us to other travellers