Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why Travel?

Here are some reasons why you should travel, in no particular order.

  1. It gives you perspective. You learn how other people live. You see the truth with your own eyes. It gives you a measure of reality.
  2. It gives you education. Same as above, you learn. Not just about people, but about economy, geography, finance. You learn to negotiate, haggle.  You learn diplomacy.  You learn acceptance.
  3. Travelling humbles you.  You realize there is nothing special about you. You realize things are not always about you.  You learn to let go of your prejudices.  You learn not to take your self too seriously.
  4. Traveling empowers you.  You learn, and realize what you can and cannot do. You become more adventurous, yet more conscious of others. It makes you less materialistic as you only take what you need. 
  5. Traveling makes you more confident. Yes, you learn to be humble and yet you learn to know your place. 
  6. Travel slows you down and gives you time to think and ponder. It helps you break habits and experience new things.
  7. You learn to deal with unexpected things and you can be surprised at your reaction.
  8. Travel makes you appreciate home and family.
  9. You make new friends and lots of memories.
  10. It makes you more interesting as you have more stories to share.

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