Monday, April 13, 2015

Taal Volcano: Up Close and Personal

My visit to Taal Volcano was in 2009 when our department had our planning in Tagaytay. As part of our team building, we decided to take a day hike to the volcano.  From our hotel, Summit Ridge Tagaytay, we took a drive to Taal Lake Yacht Club in Sta Maria, Talisay, Batangas (check for driving directions here). It was maybe an hour  (or less) drive away from Tagaytay. We rode a banca at the Yacht Club and proceeded with the hike (P2,500 per boat with 5 pax then but updated rate is now P2,800 for 5 pax).  5 is the maximum seat capacity for the boat.
all geared up for the boat ride
The trek took us less than 2 hours, including frequent stops for photo ops!  There is an option to do the trail on foot or horseback but we decided to just walk. The view at the top was amazing!
the volcano and tshirts for sale!
That is all that needs to be said about it! You will be amazed at the beautiful scenery! It was worth going up that mountain.The highlight of the Taal Volcano hike was getting up close and personal with the crater.  
I am from Batangas so I see this volcano every time I go home but this is the first time that I am able to say that, "hey, I have been there at the thing on the middle of the lake!"  The view was breathtaking!

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