Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sample Mt. Pulag Itinerary

Mt. Pulag's sunrise and sea of clouds!
When we hiked Mt. Pulag last May 2014, we went with UP Org and paid P3,500 each. Inclusions were the following: 
  • 2-way Transpo Manila to jump-off point
  • DENR and other Local Fees
  • Guide Fees (except porter) 
  • 3 Meals to be cooked on the campsite (Sat dinner, sun breakfast and sun lunch)
  • Hot drinks on the campsite
  • Tent rentals and camp lamp 

We were happy with UP Org because they do those tours not solely for monetary gain, but out of love of nature and make sure that their group practice LNT. So below was our itinerary during the May 9-12, 2014 Mt. Pulag hike:
You can of course hike Mt. Pulag on your own, and here is a great guide for it, but I prefer to hire the services of experts when it comes to unknown territories, ha ha ha.  I am okay to pay for their expertise, as long as they keep me safe, and give me value for my time and money.

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