Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mt.Marami: A Mountain of Many, Many Things!

Mt. Marami, located in Marigondon in Cavite is very aptly named. We left the jump-off at 930 am and was back again at 8pm!  Maraming-marami kaming experience indeed!  It was NAC's last climb for the year, and it proved very  memorable.  We went through several hills and three rivers under the glare of the sun and we asked ourselves several times why we were doing it again!  Of course, we found our answers once we were on top of the world! Mt. Talamitam is higher than Mt. Marami but there was no straight trail and we had to go through  long and arduous route.  We each had more than 5 liters of water and we almost ran out because it was so hot! Good thing our group was really there to have fun despite the difficult trail.
When we reach the summit at past 3pm and oh boy, the climb was worth it! From the top we could see Pico De Loro and other mountains and even Balayan Bay.  It was a really rewarding experience and I know I would keep on doing this for as long as my knees can!
Of course, we had to stop ourselves from groaning when we remembered that we had 4 more hours to descend.  By that time, it was our desire to rest that was fueling our bodies from putting one put in front of the other and when we finally made it back after 11 hours of trekking, we were so happy!  But we were already planning our next mountain, ha ha ha ha!

How to get here:
Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how to get here.  I was part of a group and we met Evercrest in Batulao with our rented jeep.  It took more than an hour to get there.You can check out directions here.

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