Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mt. Pamitinan Day Hike

so much worth it!
As mentioned on the previous post, I and group of friends went to hike Mt. Pamitinan last Sunday. The ambitious plan was to do a twin dayhike of Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan. But during the registration, I was ambivalent because I was not sure whether the group can do it.  Upon consultation with Kuya Joni, we opted for the Pamitinan cave tour, up the summit of Mt. Pamitinan and wawa river traverse for our itinerary.  

We start the hike with registration at the Barangay (no fee, just donation), registration at DENR (P2 and waiver) and at the Tourism office.  Since we were going to visit the cave, we paid for P50 helmet rental and P5 cave entrance fee.  Our guide was Kuya Nestor, and we started with our hike at precisely 7am.

2 mountains behind me, the Brgy office, the DENR office and Tourism office

We crossed the Wawa river going up to the Pamitinan Cave. According to Wikipedia, the cave used to be called Bernardo Carpio cave.  According to local lore, he was said to be cursed to hold the two mountains apart!  
the wawa river, the viewdeck and the Japanese inscription above the cave
The cave was also used by the Katipuneros was the place where the independence from the Spaniards was declared by Bonifacio.  The cave was also used by the Japanese as a camp (you can see the inscription in the photo above).
iron gate, the group, vandals inside the cave, rock formations
The cave was narrow and dark and flashlights were needed.  We didn't get to the end of the cave because we wanted to go back after an hour inside. Our guide then went down to return the helmets while we rest and take pictures at the view deck. Then we were off to the summit at 830am.
the trail up to the summit
The photos above shows the trail up to the summit of Mt. Pamitinan.  Thick gloves and sturdy shoes are a must.  The rocks are jagged and pointy and some sections of the trail really require bouldering.

Uling wall and rock climbing wall
We reached the section called Uling Wall where rock climbers were setting up to climb the walls.

ala-spiderman on pointed rocks!
I called this section the spider wall though I am not sure if that's whats it really called. We climb the 90 degree wall ala-spiderman! But the view was perfect.  The climb require concentration and caution.

standing beside the summit, and with Kuya Nestor, our guide
We reached the summit at 12noon because we took our lunch before we went up.  I attempted to climb the wall which was the summit itself and Kuya Nestor was showing me the footholds and grip, but I backed down at the last minute.  I was not as light as before and my last hike was a year ago so I was a little rusty(aka excuses), hahahaha.

We went down and climb the view deck to take more pictures.  From the view deck, you can see the Wawa river and Montalban, Rizal and the neighboring municipalities.  And there I found again the reason why I climb mountains: To marvel at the beauty of God's creation!

After maybe 30 minutes of picture taking, we opted to descent. By this time, the group was tired: I have a headache, another one was light headed and another was having difficulty as her shoes was damaged and the laces had to be tired over and around it to keep it from falling.  We opted not to do the traverse and just went down the hanging bridge to Wawa river because we ran out of water and one member of the group already threw up. We finished our descent at 3pm. We went to Wawa instead to take a dip and cool down. 
refreshed at wawa dam
We promised to hike Mt. Binacayan on another day!

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