Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Taste of Japan

at Narita Airport

Last January, I was in Tokyo for work and I had a very short taste of how beautiful Japan is. And for sure, I will come back! I only have good things to say about the country:

  1. I love the weather. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see snow. 
  2. I love how everybody looks so good in winter clothes, including me! 
  3. I love how efficient their train system is.
  4. I love the food.
  5. I love the Japanese hospitality.

Anyway, for the very short stay in Tokyo, we still managed to see Shibuya and have authentic Ramen in Ichiran. That's aside from the welcome dinner and another formal dinner from our Japanese hosts.
Tokyo Tower, train from Narita, Tokyo Shangri-La, McDo at Tokyo train station
I enjoyed people watching and going to Ministop, Family Mart and 7-11 (if you are unaware, all these three convenience store formats came from Japan). 

People watching
I love the efficiency of their trains, and how convenient it is to go from one place to another.

authentic Japanese ramen at Ichiran
While my stay in Japan was so quick, one reason why it will be special is because I got to try the ramen at Ichiran. It was just a hole-in-the-wall restaurant and yet, there was a long line of customers waiting for their turn. And it was so worth it!
Shibuya crossing and train ride
We also had a quick tour of Shibuya, and witnessed the scramble crossing. Too bad we didn't have time to look for the statue of Hachicko.
Disney store, walking in the rain, Tokyo station and dinner at Tofuya Ukai
So while the Japan trip was short, it was also sweet and really made me want more.  And since my visa is valid until December of this year, I really hope to come back and experience Japan for real! 

I'm on my way...

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